Life Care Planning

What Is a Life Care Plan?


Irina S. Shea, Attorney At Law, LLC

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The Life Care Planning is a relationship and a planning process with us, where you have an Attorney and an Elder Care Coordinator focusing on you, your family, and your needs. The Attorney focuses on the legal aspects, oversees the matter, and steps in whenever extra support or advocacy is needed. Our on-staff Elder Care Coordinators offer support to families whose elderly loved ones are at home, in assisted living or skilled nursing facilities. They coordinate needed care, community services, and serve as the elder’s advocate.  This lightens the load for family caregivers, improves the elder’s qualify of life, and can even postpone the need for nursing home care. Your Life Care Plan can provide the “road map” that allows you to follow through to achieve your quality of life, care, and long-term care goals. To learn more, click here to visit our Resources on Life Care Planning.

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