Caregiver Options

Most seniors wish to “age in place” — that is, stay home with their creature comforts, routines and memories.  We encourage this as much as possible.  However, when Mom or Dad need extra help you may need to get them a home health aide, but where to look?  Here are some options:

  1. A personal referral from a friend or family member who recently used someone “great” for their loved one.  Perhaps their loved one went to a nursing home or passed away and now the home health aide is seeking new employment.
  2. A local home health agency that will do an assessment of your loved one and place one or more aides in the home until the right “match” is made.  These aides are typically supervised by a Registered Nurse at the agency.  Most agencies are licensed by the state and train their aides extensively.
  3. Hiring a senior caregiver on a website such as  Experience and cost vary.  Family pays privately and self supervises.
  4. Au pair websites now have senior care sections where young people from abroad spend 1-2 years living with your senior.  Training and country of origin vary but the live-in option is important for some seniors.  Additionally, this is a cost effective option when broken down hourly.

We do not endorse any one method of hiring a home health aide or any specific website listed here.  We encourage families to explore all options before there is an emergency with their loved one.  We also encourage you to get as much direct input by your loved one as to their preferred caregiver as possible.

Also, please talk to your accountant about payroll issues and other reporting requirements when hiring a private home health aide.