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Our Elder Law Process

Step 1 – Elder Law Worksheet

Click here to get our confidential Elder Law Worksheet. Please be sure to provide as much information as possible so that you can get the best value out of your consultation.

Return the Elder Law Worksheet to us by email at and we will reach out to you to schedule a 90 minute Zoom consultation.

Step 2 - Elder Law Consultation

Once we have reviewed your worksheet and have scheduled your initial 90 minute Zoom consultation, we will send you a credit card payment link for the consultation fee of $495.

You and our Senior Counsel Elder Law Attorney, Colleen A. Gaedcke, Esq., will spend 90 minutes together via Zoom discussing an action plan for you and/or your loved one, including your family concerns, how to navigate the New Jersey State Medicaid Program, what options are available to you to preserve or protect assets while qualifying for Medicaid benefits, and next steps to achieve your goals.

After you confirm which plan best suits you, we will send you an engagement letter and credit card payment link. All of our services are flat fee and will be discussed with you during your initial 90 minute consultation.

Step 3 – Document Review and Signing Meeting

If you have engaged us to prepare planning documents for you, we will start work on those documents as soon as we have received your signed engagement letter and payment for our services.

Once the documents are ready, we will send them to you for your review via Drop Box and schedule a review call to answer any questions you may have.

After your review call, we will schedule an in-person signing meeting at our Ramsey office to sign your documents in front of witnesses and a Notary. We are currently offering outdoor parking lot/car signings for clients with mobility limitations and for clients who do not feel comfortable with meeting indoors at this time.

We will finalize your originals in a binder or folder for you to take with you that same day, as well as scan copies for you on flash drives or via email to share with your key family members.

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