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Irina S. Shea, Attorney at Law, LLC

Estate Planning. Done Right.
Located in Ramsey, serving Bergen County.

Estate Planning. Done Right.
We are an Estate Planning Law Firm dedicated to helping our clients get their estate plan done right.

We understand how important estate planning is, especially during this 2020 health crisis. That said, we understand that clients are reluctant to talk about incapacity, death, divorce, money and family issues all in one sitting.

Our process is thoughtful, thorough and simple. We will guide you (and your spouse) through important decisions and practical solutions in our very first meeting. At the end of your first meeting, we will recommend one of three flat fee options and have your estate plan ready in under 4 weeks for review and signing. You will leave your signing meeting with your original estate plan, digital copies and an open door to call us anytime for a free 15-minute consult or checkup.

Trust our 24 years of experience in estate planning to get your estate plan done right.

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Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA®)
and Accredited Estate Planner (AEP®)

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