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Our Process

Get Started with Your Estate Plan Here!

  • Step 1 - Estate Planning Worksheet

    Click here to get our simple and confidential Estate Planning Worksheet to get started. Please be sure to tell us your most important concerns and desires and as much detailed family and financial information as possible so that we can best help you.

    Return the Estate Planning Worksheet to us by email at and our Client Service Coordinator, Samantha Evans, will reach out to you to answer any questions you may have, and to schedule your free Estate Planning Design Meeting.

    Not sure what you need? Call Samantha at 201-327-7000 to get started instead.

  • Step 2 - Estate Plan Design Meeting

    You and our Estate Planning Attorney, Irina S. Shea, will spend 90 minutes together designing the optimal estate plan for you and your family, including retirement plan beneficiary designations, payable on death designations, estate or inheritance taxes, family concerns, trusts for children, etc. At the end of this meeting you will receive a “blueprint” of your estate plan and a recommendation for which level of estate plan best suits you.

    After you choose your plan, we will send you an engagement letter and credit card payment link. All of our plans are flat fee and will be discussed with you and our attorney in our Estate Planning Design Meeting.

  • Step 3 - Estate Plan Signing Meeting

    We will schedule your Estate Plan Signing Meeting within 4 weeks. At that meeting, we will review your documents in detail, provide the witnesses and Notary, finalize your originals in a binder or folder for you to take with you that same day, and scan copies for you on flash drives or email to share with your key family members.

    If you have questions in later years, just schedule a free 15-minute review call with us.