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Five Wishes: A Simple Tool to Write Your Living Will
June 24, 2020 at 2:00 PM
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End of life is about more than finances and estate plans — it is about deeply personal choices about how you want to pass in peace. Five Wishes is a document created by Aging With Dignity that you can purchase and use alongside your existing Advance Health Care Directive to give family members more personal guidance. For example, what are your wishes for pain management? What does it take for you to feel comfortable? Being home? With music, photos, family, friends? These little things become so important at the end of life. One families experience with the Five Wishes is telling. After suffering a stroke, the patient’s wife found his Five Wishes document and arranged for pictures of grandchildren to be placed in his hospital room. When the adult children disagreed about life support, the family came together to honor his written wishes not to be kept alive if the doctors determined recovery was not possible. Lastly, he asked for the family to make peace at his death and two estranged sons did so to honor him. Discussing end of life wishes is difficult and putting them on paper may be a kinder, gentler way to leave instructions to loved ones. Learn more at