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Staging an Estate Home For Sale
August 19, 2018 at 9:00 AM

Target is now offering same day delivery through it's website Shipt for a $49 annual subscription fee. They have a wide variety of designer furniture at very low prices which are easy to set up and look fresh and modern. When listing an estate home for sale it is important to take the real estate agent's advice on repairs and refreshers and to "depersonalize" the home so a buyer could imagine themselves there. The last piece is often staging the home and Target's Shipt service fits the bill! We recently tested this as well and found the quality, look and pricing of the furniture excellent. Remember the Executor's fiduciary duty is to get the best sale price (for the estate beneficiaries) in the shortest time (to reduce cost of carry such as property taxes) so this strategy is valuable and now much easier due to door to door same day delivery!